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Interior Design Instagram Account

Interior design is a form of lifestyle. Instagram is one platform that continues to inspire millions of artists, designers, and their fans. From fashion to food, there are thousands of accounts that provide excellent content. Navigating through the platform can be tough and overwhelming.

Interior designer accounts on Instagram, whether they represent new-age designers or veterans of the industry, stimulate a new sense of connection between the designers and customers. For the designers, social media is a great way to be inspired and find customers and lovers of their work. 

To save you the effort of finding Instagram interior designer accounts, we have compiled a list of the top accounts to follow. This list is not exhaustive. 

1. Justina Blakeney (@justinablakeney)

She is the inventor of the term, ‘Jungalow’. The designer and artist is famous for the lovely and colourful aesthetics of integrating nature into homes. If you are looking for some tropical and nature-filled inspiration, follow her handle today. 

2. Sarah Sherman Samuel (@sarahshermansamuel)

Her signature design style is ‘cool’ interiors. If you follow her Instagram handle, you can get a glimpse of interiors that represent sleekness thanks to the cream and white tones that she is an expert in. She contrasts this with surprising pops of primary colours and wooden interiors. Looking for home interior inspiration that is fit to be featured in a magazine? Follow her right now!

3. Joanna Laven (@joannalaven)

Head to her Instagram handle if you love designs that are modern and bold. Her interior spaces are comparable to a posh art gallery. The foundations of her designs are airy and clean palettes featuring geometric shapes and textures. Each of her furniture pieces puts out a bold statement. Apart from encouraging people to design, she also posts photos of her creations. 

4. Pierre Yovanovitch (@pierre.yovanovitch)

The work of Pierre is what we usually dream of. He translates the fantasy world we all imagine and transforms it into designs and rooms. His collection is called ‘Oops’ and in that he presents armchairs that are high backed and fuzzy with similarities to the ears of a bear. The works are a great match to urban spaces and country sanctuaries. His contemporary flair is easy to recognise. 

5. Emily Henerson (@em_henderson)

Emily Henderson is a celebrity blogger based in Los Angeles, USA. Her interiors have a bohemian edge to it. Head over to her Instagram handle with 790K followers and you will see designs that are bright and extremely photogenic. Other home interior designers are often in awe of her work. 

6. Grant K. Gibson (@grantkgibson)

Grant K. Gibson loves to keep his design a little more traditional. Even though his primary inspiration is history, he manages to induce a creative and fresh approach to create functional, beautiful and classic rooms. Expect to find intricate décor on the armchairs, mouldings and historic architecture that takes you back in time. To bring a sense of modernity, he has contrasted these elements with bright colours and accents. Also, you can sense the love for dogs he has, since a lot of his designs overlap with pictures of his dog. 

So, these are the top interior designer accounts you need to follow if you want some amazing design inspirations. Alternatively, you can curate your list by searching designers through popular hashtags such as #igdesigner, #interiordesigner #usinteriordesigner and #designersofinstagram. You can find a lot of designs from your country, city or town as well. Explore the world of designing on Instagram today and hire one for your next project!

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