Wednesday, 29 March, 2023

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Is It Too Late To Learn Something New?

never too late to learn

Even though it might seem like we have learned all we can, there’s always the overlooked importance of going back to the fundamentals! Education isn’t only restricted to our formal education years from Kindergarten to University; the sad thing is that the majority of us stop or slow down the learning process after graduation. Many perceive developing and learning new abilities in maturity reserved only for people who want to a new career. Many also assume that our “prime” development and learning years are in our childhood – the older we get, the harder it is for us to pick up new skills, let alone retain them. Nurturing skills and learning new skills is not just critical in maintaining competence in your line of work! Learning is just great to keep the brain sharp and active.

A kid is like a sponge for learning – they need to know the who, what, where, when, and why’s of what. Scientifically speaking it’s because their mind has greater neuroplasticity for more straightforward moulding of the prefrontal cortex and as such learn quicker. Kids are exposed to new conditions, new stimuli and they have a significant level of curiosity. An adult on the opposite has learned several things through life and school experiences. The best deterrent to adult learning is getting out of the mindset that we can’t learn as effectively and economically versus our younger selves. The truth is, we’re continually forming new neurons each time we experience something new.

Being an older pupil has plenty of benefits that we often don’t consider. As soon as we take additional research later in our lives, we do this under different circumstances which forces us to become more efficient and effective in our learning style.

1) The decision to learn something new instead of feeling like it’s a motion that you need to experience (i.e. Formal education ) shows that you understand what you would like. Attempting to learn something instead of being told/expected of generates that inner motivation and spark, which changes our entire outlook and learning process!

2) As an adult, you’ve already achieved so much in life – education, career, family and other pursuits. Because you’ve already done so much, your learning curve is infinite! You’ve proven to yourself that you have the discipline or else you wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all that you have!

3) A massive part of life is all about equilibrium – balancing school, piano lessons, field and track, friends and family, work and a lot of other things. We’ve got much more going on, and more duties too often but in conjunction with our discipline and need to find out something new, we’ll always make time for our passion, dreams and pursuits – talking from personal experience.

4) We’ve made many mistakes and have had more time to learn from them (ideally ). We understand what works for us and what does not. By creating an environment which puts you up for success and promotes maximum learning provides you with the certainty and determination to accomplish your targets!

5) In this era, learning is literally in the palm of our hands! It can be done from the comfort of your own home, flexible and make it possible for you to continue to balance work, family and life generally!

If you ever doubt yourself, remember it is all in your mind – if you set your mind to it, you can find out anything at any age!