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Why Are Pool Tables Green?

blue pool table with ball and person setting game up

Centuries ago, the pool was an outdoor game played on grass. However, after some time, it was included in the indoor game and played with them on a large table that has wooden pockets to keep the ball on the table. In starting, many colours were used to cover the hard surface of the table to give it a smooth effect, but afterwards, some of the colours were considered inefficient for the pool tables. Because these colours do not provide a strong contrast to the balls and the movement of the balls cannot be observed properly in the daylight at those colours that lead the people to the disputes and disagreement. Back in 1871, after a dispute regarding the movements of the ball broke loose, the court of London had decided to make pool tables of all types in the standard green hue we see today.

Reason to Use Green Cloth For Pool Tables

The green colour is used to stimulate the colour of grass because the green colour is catchy and easy for the eyes as well. The researches have shown that the human eyes can easily differentiate among different shades of green rather than any other colour. Look around in a garden; you can find a long list of different shades of green colour. However, green is not the only colour that can be used for the pool table, but it is probably the best and suitable colour for the pool table. There are 5 to 6 shades of green that are used to manufacture the pool table, but the dark green is suitable for the pool table.

Moreover, in many regions, standard and basic greens are considered the best colours for all pool tables. However, the darker cloth colour is not suitable for the pool table because it is harsh for the eyes and does not catch the colour of the ball. It makes it harder to see the rail line because the shadow of rail lost in the darkness of the cloth, which creates confusion. Therefore, navy blue, black, grey and charcoal colours are not suitable and good colour use for the pool game. Red is also a bad colour for the pool table, but we can use the neighbouring burgundy colour because it is not as sharp and bright as red.

Many different colours are used for pool table coverage, but green has always been the most demanding colour for the pool table. However, the colour that becomes a competitor of green colour is blue, which gets unexpected popularity among the people when filming the tournament and the camera displayed the green colour like light blue and people watching the television started demanding the blue cloth. That was the occasion where the blue colour was included in the list of pool table colours.

Standardizing the pool table colour also helps with ensuring more cohesive pool table accessories, manufacturers knew how best to design the colourways of each tool to match the table.

Types of Pool Table Cloth

Professional pool player Joe posing on red table

There are mainly two types of pool table cloth that are used to cover the pool, table. One is standard woollen cloth, and the second is a worsted wool cloth. The standard woollen cloth can be called woollen cloth. This is quality cloth, which can last for ten years if the duration of gaming is minimal. This cloth is good for casual use and is cheap as well, but the drawback of this felt is that it creates balls of fuzz after some time, and slows down the ball with all the fuzz friction. Whereas, the worsted wool felt is a professional cloth and contains the considerably high quality that makes the ball moving fast and smooth. Professional players and champions use this cloth because of its high efficiency that does not have a nap on the surface and provides a creamy consistency for tournaments and gaming practice. The right shade of green colour and worsted wool felt make the perfect combination of the pool table surface.

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