Wednesday, 29 March, 2023

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5 benefits of building your own table and chairs

building your own furniture

Don’t think twice about the power of having the right furniture in your home. We are more of a disposable society now, and we are starting to see more and more cheap, mass-produced furniture hitting our stores. While the low prices can be tempting, the furniture won’t last long and will most likely have faults that will leave you with both newly purchased items that you don’t want, and an empty wallet.¬†

Instead of buying cheap furniture, which gives you both a low price and cheap quality, think about getting quality furniture in the first place so that you can enjoy the furniture for years to come. Better yet, if you have the time and are handy with a saw, you could potentially build it yourself.

Getting the right fit

There is nothing worse than buying furniture and then discovering it doesn’t fit in your home. Did someone at the store measure it for you and got it wrong or did the measurements of the box have a misprint? This can mean the item of furniture is no good, especially if you had it to fit in a particular spot. Don’t be dictated by the dimensions on the box. If you make your furniture, you can choose the style and make it to your exact measurements to fit in perfectly.


Sometimes you might have an awkward spot that you cannot find the wow factor piece that would look good there. In the end, you pick another piece of furniture that you don’t really like, but you are so over the looking around you choose any old thing to get the job done. When you are building the table and chairs yourself, you can build it to the design or the style of the particular spot. You might have a curved wall; no problem, you can make a table to fit the same angle. 


You may have been living in your home for years now and the furniture you still love, but with your growing family, you may need to make some changes. You can build a table and chair set that blend in seamlessly with your home. If you have an existing table that you love, but it is too small now with a baby on the way, why not build an extension onto it? There are so many things you can do when you are building items yourself. 

Does your teenager have a small room but wants a table and chairs in there for his homework? It might be hard to find one, and with a little room, you might end up finding nothing, or they could be too bulky. Build a table that attaches to the wall and can fold up and down as you like. If you need more room for something, fold it up and bring it back down when it is required. Building your furniture means you can save space too.

Unique style

You may be filling your home with certain types of furniture, but deep down, it isn’t really what you like. Your styling might be beach or coastal, but there is no coastal style furniture in your area, and to get it shipped is very expensive. Build your coastal table and chairs just how you want. If you need inspiration, get some pictures from Pinterest from others who have done a DIY coastal table and chairs and follow their instructions if you’re going to make the same.

coastal furniture

Better quality

It is no secret that store-bought furniture is sometimes not made with durable and withstanding materials. Often it is plastic or metal that flexes and ends up moving around or not standing straight. After a while, the chairs wobble and collapse. Buy decent quality materials or make your own; that way, you can even use sustainable construction materials if you wish.