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Adopting a homely coastal vibe

House by the beach

Coastal home interiors are not limited to little ships in bottles and blue stripes around your house. You can create the beachy feel inside your home by layering up different materials and fabrics. Cushions, baskets, rugs, and wall hangings can all be used in your current space to give off the laid back, relaxing feeling, which is what the coastal look is all about.

Create that chic seaside look you have dreamed of with these few tips:

Adding a focal point

The beach style consists of combining different periods and styles of items. You can achieve different looks by creating a bold decoration around your fireplace or an eye-catching accent wall.

Varying the finishes

Are you concerned that your dark floors will clash with the whitewashed table and the brown couch? You can easily mix and match woods, stains, and different finishes all in one area. You will create the look better if everything is less contrived than if everything is matched.

Try unusual furniture plans

Coastal style comes down to comfortable living. If you find armchairs more relaxing than a sofa and coffee table, then go ahead and use them. Your room will also look more relaxed if you leave space around the edges and avoid putting seating and décor items all around the walls. You need to make sure that the furniture chosen are more spaced out and creatively placed so as to get the best beach vibe.

Adding your lighting

When going for the coastal look, choose oversized pendants from wicker to metal. Having soft light creates a calm coastal vibe. You can always use DIY ideas to come up with your own coastal interior items and create that vibrant yet sophisticated look.

Mixing up blinds and curtains

Try and use the same fabric and shades if you can to achieve a cohesive look. Instead of matching the treatments, you will need to see what looks better for each window position and shape.

Whitewashing your walls

The answer to coastal vibes in your home is to have your walls all white to make the interior brighter.

Bring the indoors inside

Bring nature inside with the textures and tones in the materials like leather, cotton, rattan, bamboo, linen, wood, wool, wicker, jute, and hemp.

Brunch spread

Going for the tongue and groove panels

Tongue and groove panels work well to create dimensions and textures among the white walls.

Layering up

Add the beachy look by using cotton, canvas, stripes, tactile linens, and checks but ensure you keep the basics like curtains and the sofa neutral. Layer up textures from cotton cushions, rattan chairs, jute rugs, clumps of coral, and bamboo armchairs.

Creating rustic coastal looks among your dining room

You don’t need to have seashells and pictures of waves to get the beachy feel. You can achieve the look just by using a neutral colour palette and natural elements. Big vases of natural grass work well to contrast the pale colours. You can use the real thing, but it isn’t needed when you can get some realistic-looking types.

Adding personal touches

Put your favourite things on display. Handmade pieces and objects you have found along your travels. Recycle existing décor from other homes, so you have a few pieces that have their own story. Try to carry the theme into each room to create an even flow. To pull a place together, you need to think about how you use the room. Consider drink trays and side tables, baskets, and bookshelves to create the lived-in coastal vibe.

Avoiding your dead zones

Include generous door openings. Make your coastal-inspired furniture space airy, spacious, and comfortable.

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